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Women’ Self Defense Community Classes – Saturdays 2pm – $5

Facts:   1 of 5 women get assaulted and 78% of sexual assaults are committed by people that we know.   The number of women in US who is experience physical violence (4,774,000) by intimate partner every year. – Source: American Physcolognical Association    The percentage of women worldwide who will experience physical and/or sexual…


  WINTER SCHEDULE Please check our most updated 2017 Schedule here at the website   REFERRAL PROGRAM Would be great to have your friends and family having a good time at our school. We will give some incentive In April, we will (re) launch our Referral Program. It starts on 10% off your membership up…

Leao Teixeira back to Hollywood BJJ

YES! Professor Leao Teixeira is back to Hollywood BJJ for his Annual Masterclass on June 8th at 7:30pm. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a this great instructor. Click here to get your ticket – <img src=”https://www.eventbrite.com/custombutton?eid=33266276328″ alt=”Eventbrite – Leao Teixeira MasterClass” /></a>   José Leão Teixeira, also known by his nickname: “Zé Beleza”,…

Hollywood BJJ – Facebook Review – Ryan Guzman

“My NY resolution was to get back into shape. I was going to go back to gym or try yoga. A close friend of mine told me to get back into martial arts. He sent me a link to the 6 week new you challenge which involved learning Jiu-jitsu. I signed instantly. After having coach…

Why do You Pay for Jiu Jitsu?

My Judo Sensei from Brazil sent this to me. This is going viral there over in Brazil and I took a liberty to translate and share with you.  It is a story about two friends talking about spending money in Judo but again since I am involved with both I took the liberty to change…

Jiu Jitsu Times EXCLUSIVE Interview: Sean Patrick Flanery

Check out a cool interview of Professor Sean Flanery, his beginning in Jiu Jitsu, his passion for martial arts, his book and his appreciation for his Masters and our school.   Jiu Jitsu Times EXCLUSIVE Interview: Sean Patrick Flanery

Muay Thai classes now at 6:30pm

YES, Muay Thai Classes are now (as April 3rd), Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm! Come and learn how to protect yourself, lose weight and have fun!  

Subconscious BJJ Grand Opening – April 1st

Hollywood BJJ invites our students and friends to join Professor Brent Burniston at the Grand Opening our sister school Subconscious BJJ on April 1st, 2017 at 12pm. Please note on that day, we won’t host our Adults Gi class. Everyone is encourage to come and celebrate.   Subconscious BJJ 4868 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood  

Hollywood BJJ – 2017  IBJJF Pan Results

Last weekend, our coaches represented our school at IBJJF Pan Ams in Irvine, CA. Professor Rodrigo Antunes won his division and became Pan American Champion. Sensei Brian Herskowitz had 3 tough matches and captured a silver medal. Our HBJJ Family is really proud of you too – leading by example.  

Yelp Review

Yelp Review

“I have been training here for the past few months, and I love it!  I went in knowing zero Jiu Jitsu, and I was immediately welcomed by the students and instructors.  The vibe is very friendly here, and the more experienced students go out of their way to help a “newbie” like me. The workout…