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HBJJ Newsletter – December 2015

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HBJJ Newsletter – December 2015


Newsletter – December 2015



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A very exciting 2015!  We have had some great changes to the academy and an even bigger one coming in January 2016.

We are proud and excited to announce that we are moving to a new location. Located at the Sunset Galleria (Sunset Blvd. and La Brea), very close to our current one, the new location is bigger, more modern, more mat space, bigger changing rooms, showers and other amenities to make our academy better than ever. And parking will not a problem anymore!

Our transition to the new location will take place in early January, but we’ll be taking possession of the new location in mid-December in order to get most of the work done and minimize any down time.

We hope everyone will share in our excitement as Hollywood BJJ continues its journey as your elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai Academy.



Congratulations to everyone who received their belts and stripes last weekend. Your development, commitment, attendance and attitude were rewarded. Keep doing the great work.



HBJJ New Belts
Uday Malhotra – Black Belt
Erin Breslin – Brown Belt
Christos Vasilopoulos – Purple Belt
Stefan Kojic- Purple Belt
Bennett Lasseter – Blue Belt
Tarun Shetty – Blue Belt
James Mayo – Blue Belt


Stripe Promotion
Tim Davis – Brown Belt 1 stripe
Eddie Arrazola – Purple Belt 4 stripes
James Bannon – Purple Belt 3 stripes
Drew Brecker – Purple Belt 2 Stripes
Brian Herskowitz – Purple Belt 1 stripe
Paul Choo – Blue Belt 4 stripes
Pete Saji – Blue Belt 3 stripes
Brandon Pennigton – Blue Belt 2 stripes
Brian Murphy – White Belt 3 stripes
Angel Garcia – White Belt 1 stripe
Melissa Romero – White Belt 1 stripe
Sargam Patel – White Belt 1 stripe




HBJJ New Belts12336433_10206781880318372_1326846004_n
Ale Rosas – Gray/White
Sabin Park – Gray/Black
Henry Markovitz – Yellow/Black
Tristan Szuch – Yellow/Black

Stripe Promotion
Hugo Weiss – White Belt 1 stripe
Leo Weiss – White Belt 1 stripe
Forrester Erickson – White Belt 1 stripe
Jules Kohl – Yellow/Black 1 stripe



As you all know, Professor Bren Foster has been running our Muay Thai / Kickboxing program, with great results, for the past 6 years. His knowledge, skill and overall contribution to our academy has been significant during this time. We are sure you also know that Professor Foster has been simultaneously pursuing his movie/acting career, which has been met with huge success. Due to the Professor’s success in acting, the time he has available for our Muay Thai / Kickboxing  program has become more and more limited. As a result, Professor Foster has regrettably asked us if we could find an alternative instructor for our program.

In our pursuit to offer nothing but the best instruction, we are very excited to inform that our Muay Thai program will now be lead by the world famous Sityotdong Team, making us the first official affiliate of Sityotdong to follow their curriculum, syllabus and grading system.

Classes will begin in December on Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm as current, with more classes planned in the near future.

For more information: http://www.sityodtongla.com/


In order to make a smoother transition, our last class will be held on Sunday 20th. That would give us time to be ready to reopen in the new location on the first week of January.



Classes will remain at the same time in the new location with minor adjustments and really soon we will have much more classes and activities at our school!



Prof. Marcelo Barros is back to our school. More about schedule soon.

About Bioginastica http://www.bioginasticausa.com/


Training: Let’s train hard!

THANK YOU for being a part of our family.


-All of us here at HBJJ/Team Paragon