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Coral (Black & Red) Belt at Hollywood BJJ

We are honored to have Master Paulo Caruso, one of the most talented and respected fighters of his generation, at our school. Caruso is also known for his work as a coach, developing the ground games of Olympic judo athletes such as Flávio Canto (who earned his jiu jitsu black belt under Master Paulo) and Rafaela…

2017 JJWL World Champion – Professor Rodrigo Antunes wins again!

Last year, Professor Rodrigo competed in this tournament and won double Gold (Heavy and Open Class). This year, he competed only on his division and captured the GOLD medal again. Congratulations for your Submission Win victory and another World Championship for your record. Check out his Final Match    

4th of July Schedule – 2017

Check out our 4th July schedule and remember – we will have our Competition Training July 9th at 12pm, instead of our Judo class.  

HBJJ Muay Thai Coach – Cooper Gibson

Hollywood BJJ welcomes Coach Cooper Gibson to our team. A successful active fighter with great teaching skills. Come and train with a champion. Monday and Wednesdays 6:30pm!   Check out his fighting record: http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Cooper-Gibson-63409#/slide/5    

UFC Fighters + 5th degree BB Workshop – July 13th

We are proud to host another great workshop with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Otavio “Tata” Duarte, 5th degree Black Belt and his students, UFC Fighters Luiz KBL and Thiago “Marreta” Santos. Its complementary for HBJJ, Subconscious and Lion Heart students. Thursday – July 13th – 7:30pm  

Master Paulo Caruso (Coral Belt) teaching at HBJJ

We are proud to announce Master Paulo Caruso will be with us for a month during the summer sharing his 40 years of martial arts and teaching some classes. Master Caruso, 1996 Worlds Medallist,  is considered one of the most techical fighters of all time and coach of 2004 Olympic Bronze Judo Medalist Flavio Canto….

HBJJ Summer Grading – June 2017

Congratulations to everyone who put up a lot of work, dedication and commitment to their training. Blue Belts: Shingo Fukushima, Luke Sholl and Steve Knudsen Purple Belt : Josh Soffer    

Last week, we had an honor to have Professor Leao Teixeira (6th degree BB) teaching at our school again this year. It’s amazing to see how fundamental techniques are so “actual”. and effective. It’s now official on our calendar to host his workshop every year.  

HBJJ Little Samurais – Summer Grading 2017

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted last week. We are very honored to be chosen as part of these amazing kids education.    

HBJJ Newsletter – June 2017

SPRING SCHEDULE Please check our most updated 2017 Spring Schedule. Visit our website www.hollywoodbjj.com   GUARD LAB We are hosting a event to offer our students to have their custom mouth guards made at our school this Saturday- June 10th – from 10:30am to 2:30pm. Check our Private Facebook Group for our details, scheduling and prices….