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Womens Only Class @ HBJJ

Today we had our Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class at Hollywood BJJ. Some of our students had a chance to learn some self defense techniques and guard retention and submissions. Our next class will be on April 17th! See you on the mats!!    

Sean Patrick Flanery Added to Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Field

Two-time Toyota Pro/Celebrity race winner Sean Patrick Flanery will join the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach’s celebrity race, the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach and Toyota announced Tuesday. Flanery is known for his roles in Boondock Saints, Powder and Saw 3D: the Final Chapter. According to the announcement, Flanery’s addition makes this year’s…

Karen Darabedyan Special Class @ HBJJ – Sunday – March 27th – 12pm

Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be hosting regularly Special Classes with some of the best fighters / Instructors in the world. This March 27th, Sunday, 12pm, Karen Darabedyan will be teaching a Special NO GI class.   Karen is an American mixed martial arts fighter who has positioned himself as a well-rounded athlete through diverse and…

Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class @ HBJJ – March 20th – 11am

Obviously I believe that jiu-jitsu is super important for self defense in general, but when it comes to women who want to defend themselves, well, it’s completely indispensable.  We can argue all day about what percentage of real fights end up on the ground (like the Gracies I believe it’s very high), but when you’re…

10 tips for out of shape guys and gals who want to start training in BJJ

The first step is often the biggest and most difficult step in any journey in life. Stepping foot onto a BJJ mat for the first time is scary enough when your only reference to the sport is from watching the UFC and you are surrounded by a room full of strangers with colored belts and…

Internation Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is everyday!  

HBJJ student shines – NAGA San Jose + Belt Promotion

This Saturday, our fellow student Ahmed Saeid (Didoo) from Egypt competed at NAGA San Jose and won a Gold Medal (NO Gi) and Silver (Gi) with an outstanding performance on his first ever US competition – 4 matches at GI Division and 3 matches at NO Gi division. On Sunday, he received his Blue Belt from…

Paragon Competition Training

This weekend, we had our last of 5 competition training (Thousand Oaks, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura). It was a great opportunity to get our team sharp, united and focus for the PanAms . So many talents on the mats from White to Black Belts and a killer group of amazing girls….



WOMENS ONLY CLASS HBJJ Girls are getting together for a Women’s Only Class on March 20th 11am. Yes, you can bring a friend.

HELLO SPRING PICNIC – March 19th – 11am

HELLO SPRING PICNIC We are getting together to celebrate the spring with our HBJJ Kids on March 19th (Saturday) 11am. It’s a family potluck event. Everyone is welcome. Also, bring your favorite outdoor games. Pan Pacific Park – 7600 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036